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Heart's Desire Number How to find your Heart's Desire Number

To find your Heart's Desire Numebr, add the numerical value of the vowels of each of your names; reduce them to single digits; add the single digits; and reduce them again to a single-digit number, which is your Heart's Desire number. Just as with the Expression number, do not reduce Master numbers of 11 and 22 to single digits.

For example:George Bush

    7  +     3
  ----       ----
  5 6 5     3
George     Bush

The name George has three vowels( 5, 6and 5), which totals to 16 which when reduced gives 7.

The name Bush has one vowel, which is U of value 3.

George Bush 's Heart's Desire Number is therefore 7+3 = 10, which reduces to 1.

The symbol for the Heart's Desire number is a circle with the number inside.

How to find your Heart's Desire Number

To find your Minor Heart's Desire number, add the sum total of the vowels in your short name in the same manner as that described under Heart's Desire. Remember, do not reduce Master numbers to single digits.

For example :


The name Bush has one vowel with a value of 3.

George Bush's Minor Heart's Desire is therefore 3.

The symbol for the Minor Heart's Desire is a circle, smaller than that for the Heart's Desire.

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