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Birthday Number

The day you were born in this earth forms the key to your life here. The day denotes a broader persepctive of your true self.

Your Birthday number is your day of birth or is the sum of the two digits if it happens to be double digit.

Each number running through 1 to 31 has its own significance in its value as a birthday number. Your birthday number denotes who you are, what are your aspirations in life, and your likes and dislikes...

Questions To Ponder

1. Is birthday number important in numerology?

Numerology holds that your birthday says something essential about your personality.

2. Is Your birthday Your life Path number?

Yes, simply reduce the digits of your full birth date until you reach a single-digit number to get your Life Path number.

3. Why is 11 a master number?

The number 11 is known as a "master number" because it has its own unique and powerful vibrations.

4. What does the birth number 7 mean?

People with number 7 are harmonious, cooperative and tolerant in nature.

5. What is a double digit birthday called?

After you turn double digits, you have a palindrome birthday every 11 years.