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Pinnacle Number

No:1 Pinnacle Number

This is the period in your life when much courage and resilience are needed to bounce back in life after much hardships. You need to have faith in yourself. There would not be much support from those around and you ought to stand alone against the tide. But you need to focus your energy. This period requires an iron heart to move around difficult situations and to accept times of adversity. During this time you can put all your talents to good use for better results later in life. Hardwork is much warranted. Much energy is to be spent during this time but it brings in better rewards too. Get opinions and ideas from others but ultimately it is your will to take heed. This period brings in much strength both physical and mental for the native. There are ample opportunities to show your leadership skills too. You need to convert your non-conventional energy into practical affairs. You shall be bestowed with leadership skills and the ability to get things organized. This period shall give you much success in life, though the route would not be a bed of roses.

No:2 Pinnacle Number

This pinnacle period causes you to be sensitive to your environs. You need to be patient in whatever you do and encounter in life. Little effort need to be put to attain the ambitions you have in life. Any amount of force used shall backfire on you with no results in your favor. You have a good sense of judgement when it comes to people around you.You make a good advisor and counsellor. You will be able to see both the sides of any argument and can take the centrestage. You put in all efforts so that poeple stick together despite difference in opinions be it in perosnal or in professional life. Your main negative point is being overtly sensitive. You get hurt easily by words and deeds. But your sensitive nature shall bring out the artist in you. You develop an aptitude for music, painting and other forms of fine arts. If not already hooked to any of the arts, now is the time to get playing something.You are shy at times and feel that your talents are not given much importance. You look at details and precision in anything is your motto. To sum up you maintain harmony and that is what the world yearns for!!

No:3 Pinnacle Number

This pinnacle period is the most creative period of your life. Make sure that you put good utilization of this opportunity to help you rise in life. This pinnacle brings out the writer/singer/artist in you to the fore. You embrace success easily. You gain much name and fame in life during this time of your life. You make friends easily. You are loaded with much luck and fortune for the period. But you are likely to get complacent with life with all the loaded stuff around. You might then turn unproductive and depressive later on. But the key to stand off this tide is to put in continued hardwork. Keep a limit on everything you do, be it finances or relationships. Those under this pinnacle number must be disciplined harder for better results. Once you catch the train, you shall reach the destination easily without much effort...

No:4 Pinnacle Number

This is a period when you shall be rewarded for your hard work and efforts. This is the ideal time to put up a foundation be it in personal or professional life. You make a good organizer and your perseverance shall pay you well in future period. You take up any work step by step. Your family and friends need your financial support during this period. Though you might eb able to support them, you might meet with frustrations en-route. Do drop the idea that things should grow or move faster. If it is so, then it would not come out perfect. Anything done slowly at an organized pace shall end up well. You have a methodical approach to problems and need a perfect result for anything. But you ought to be flexible at times. You are bound by financial limitations in life. Do not jump into the bandwagon of life too early. You shall end up frustrated so soon. Instead, relish life slowly and orderly as it comes your way. That is the secret to a successful life.

No:5 Pinnacle Number

This is a time when you shall learn about the realities of life. Also much freedom and independence shall come for you. During this time you shall come to learn a lot of things through many tours around the world. You shall have a better bent with words which can be utilized to promote yourself. During this pinnacle period you are likely to wander or hop from one position to another in the professional arena. Learn to stick to a single post come what may atleast for a few years together. This hopping around might land you in broken relationships as well. Hence maintain caution in this area. Find the real meaning of freedom and its positive limits. You are in for some sort of spiritual inclinations as well during this time of your life.You can nurture your reading or writing skills by getting youself exhibited to the outside world. Do note that feedome without limitations is a dog without a leash.

No:6 Pinnacle Number

During this pinnacle period there would be much socializing in your life. You would be bound to family and relationships. Partner, children and elder members of the family call for your attention. You need to shoulder much responsibilities in life. There would be an increased burden on you but you can take it in the right perspective. You would be needed to settle conflicts in relationships around you. During this pinnacle period, one gets married, hence there would be new relations coming into the circle. You need to make certain sacrifices and compromises but make sure that you are not trodden-on repeatedly. This is also a time when finances start to stabilize. You fare well in business and you also make a good counselor. Health issues start up during this pinnacle period. This is a time for growth and development in life, a time when you grow as a better responsible citizen of the society. However a balanced life is needed else you might land in troubled waters.

No:7 Pinnacle Number

This is a period of spiritual growth and enlightenment. A time when you start to think about the true meaning of life and its consequences. You shall have an appreciation of nature and its works. Your ability of concentration would be great that you shall resort to majoring in something. Your intuition would be at its best and this help you to know what happens next in your life. You shall be well-versed in your area of specialization. You need to develop a better bond with friends and relatives. During this pinnacle period there would be much scope for spiritual and knowledge-based growth in your life. You should not find fault of others in every matter as you are prone to faults too. You need perfection in everyhting you see and do which is not practically applicable. This might make you miserable in life. But you need to lvoe yourself and those around taking faults in the right sense.

No:8 Pinnacle Number

During this pinnacle period you shall grow professionally and financially. You shall be blessed with much material wealth. You shall be armed with much power one of the keys to your success. You have a great sense of judgement that people come to you for solace and settlement in life. They shall have faith in you and with this you can run great enterprises or business concerns. You have the tact to influence anything that comes your way. You have much clarity and confidence with life. Your main task would be to have a balance between your physical and spiritual realms. You shall have ample opportunities to make money the wrong way. Only your conscience need to help you in this regard. You have to forego your likeness and attraction towards money or other financial benefits for a better life. This is a period when you can grow maintaining a balance in life.

No:9 Pinnacle Number

This is a period when you can attain a big goal or target in your life. You love to serve people and see the gratification in their eyes. You are most suitable for social and charity works that call for more selfless acts. During this pinnacle period you shall concentrate your energy for the weel-being of the society at large. You would be willing to sacrifice your likes and dislikes for the benefit of those around you. It is a rare charismatic act of yours that brings attention. This is a good time for your finances to improve considerably much to your delight. Your artistic pursuits shall be brought to the fore and might get you into limelight. You would be in a position to support arts and related fields. Philanthropy comes naturally to you without any asking. You cannot be stopped on the basis of class, caste, country, religion. You work above all these demarcations in soceity. You shall have great ideals in life and would travel around the world to spread the message of love and deeds. Success, name and fame come naturally to you in this period without much effort and strain.

No:11 Pinnacle Number

During this pinnacle period you would be very sensitive to stuations around you. There would be worries, anxieties and complexities out of life. Your life seems to lack a proper footing and direction. But you are likely to come out unscathed through the spiritual path. Spiritual and charitable and social pursuits shall give you the much wanted peace in life. You shall be bombarded by knowledge from all quarters. You need to have faith in yourself and those around you. Also a practical approach to problems shall see you through life singing a song.